Hoekstra/Gibbs French “ROLLING STONE” article



Known for being a guitarist with Whitesnake and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, American guitarist Joel Hoekstra will give an exceptional concert in an intimate atmosphere at the Klub in Paris this Saturday, October 14. Accompanied by guitarist Brandon Gibbs (The Devil City Angels), he will perform acoustic versions of many classics from their respective groups, passed as present in the acoustic sauce. Virtuosos to the end of the plectre and bottled with hard rock since always, the two musicians reserve for you epic reinterpretations and some surprises of their own.

Without blush or frills, Joel Hoekstra and Brandon Gibbs give pride of place to music and their feeling. A guitar and a microphone each, they reserve 1h30 for you in an unusual setting, especially for fans who are used to seeing them on the big stages, especially during Whitesnake's visit to Hellfest 2022.

Far from hiding his enthusiasm to come to Europe for the first time in this formation, Joel Hoekstra says: "Very happy with this European tour with Brandon Gibbs! We set up these concerts just to have fun, without expecting anything. It's incredible to see them grow large enough to take us through the United Kingdom, the United States earlier this year and now... Europe! ”

Seats are available